About System

QEB SYSTEM is an initialism for “Quick-Gauge Pre-Engineered Steel Building System”.

  • It is a sort of advanced prefabricated lightweight steel structures. This system enables any client to easily assemble bolt according to the drawing with main materials producted from automated ROLL FORMING line and standarized bracket including some subsidiary materials.
  • The whole construction is consist of portal frame structure, which is widely utilized in buildings under 18 meters maximum width without inner-Column.
  • We perfectly design every structure using professional software program. Separate top coat is unnecessary for every material since we use hot dip galvanized steel sheet(HGI) which increases its durability.
  • It is possible to raise reliability of cross-section and product reliability by using standardized cross-section.
  • Considering both the beauty of structure and its stability, our company fix the roof inclination in two types: 10degrees or 15degrees. This consideration can shift delivery time ahead and shorten construction period.
  • By introducing optimized system structure, we do our best to reduce material consumption. Furthermore, accurate construction has clear advantage of reduction in cost and time. (30% of saving in cost and time)


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